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Our mission is to become #1 in the industry


Our best-in-class team of engineers and developers, working from our tech hub in Hanoi, Vietnam, is building revolutionary applications for the future of decentralized finance. And with our products, we’re able to provide customers with an enterprise-grade services that I’m proud to say is the most simple, secure, and cost-efficient in the market.

Joshua Riordan

President & CEO

A few visionaries coming together to revolutionize the world

CrytoPie Labo began its journey in 2021 developing cryptocurrency exchange for our investors. Today, we’ve become a full-fledged product development company.

Our fintech products for crypto and blockchain let our clients take part in the future today.

Starting with the development of cryptocurrency exchange and binary options platforms for our investors, CryptoPie Labo has now become a fully-fledged product development company.

Our aim is to create the best fintech products with an emphasis on crypto and blockchain as we believe to be part of the future, we must take part in it.


Our goal is to become the #1 product development company in the industry

our values

Our Six Core Values That Shape Who We Are

Spirit of Unity

We are united by a common goal and not divided by what differentiates us. We value and respect the skill set and experiences of others and at the same time hold each other accountable.


Those who don’t adapt will be left behind. We value continuous innovation and the adaption of new technologies and new methods of working to achieve the highest success rate possible.

Clear Communication

We are authentic and real. We strive to communicate directly and speak our minds when needed. Collaboration only works when all sides listen to each other.

Continuous Learning

Learning never stops. We aim to improve our skillset and knowledge at all times to remain competitive. We appreciate feedback from colleagues and will always look for ways to improve our products and productivity.

Responsible Ownership

We owe up to our mistakes and we take immense pride in our successes. No matter what position you are in, we all strive to make both the product and company the very best they can be.

Challenging Conventions

We challenge the status quo and embrace unconventional methods of change.


Our Best-in-Class Team of Engineers & Developers

We are fortunate to work with some of the most successful investors, venture capital firms, and startup founders in the industry.

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Joshua Riordan
Joshua Riordan

Mr.Joshua is a seasoned leader in the industry with 8+ years of business leadership and advisory experience in fintech projects. Recognized for demonstrating a natural aptitude for international cross team management, as well as for creating strategic long-term business plans, Joshua has a verifiable history of contributing directly to company growth and expansion throughout his career. 

His recent achievements include developing a cryptocurrency exchange in Japan as well as maintaining various trading systems for clients around the world.

As the newly appointed managing director of the development arm of products LLC, Mr.Joshua oversees the day-to-day development operations, fostering a culture guided by the principles of superior quality and security.

Colleagues describe Joshua as a progressive, driven, down-to-earth, strategic and managerial expert who can be relied on to offer superior solutions that deliver profitable results on time and under budget.

Le Van Hiep
Le Van Hiep
Senior Development Manager

Mr.Hiep is a dynamic leader, hand-picked to join CryptoPie Labo for his organizational and prioritization skills that allow him to keep multiple project workflows on track simultaneously.

He leads CryptoPie Labo’s relentless drive to capitalize on every opportunity and achieve sustainable business growth. 

Hiep’s ability to quickly master new specializations makes him a versatile coach for CryptoPie Labo’s project teams, and his Vietnamese, English, and Japanese lingual proficiency allows him to build international partnerships and scale the products platform into new markets.

Dinh Duy Tuan
Dinh Duy Tuan
Senior Development Manager

Mr.Tuan has more than 12 years of delivery management experience and a passion for using technology to build and optimize financial trading systems. A motivated and results-oriented professional, he’s constantly searching for ways to make the products platform more efficient and secure. 

Building on a successful track record with trading clients around the world, he now employs his data-driven approach to project tracking at CryptoPie Labo, ensuring seamless, consistent progress across all teams and driving the development that brings our vision to life.

Pham Quang Trung
Pham Quang Trung
Technical Expert

Mr.Trung is an enthusiastic technical leader with a growth mindset who has built financial products used by millions of users today. He has deep knowledge of fintech, e-commerce, and trading platforms, and he thrives on finding technical solutions for complex problems. 

A veteran team-builder, Mr.Trung leads Bitcastle’s talented group of developers to deliver superior results and achieve our key business priorities.

Chu Minh Duy
Chu Minh Duy
Solution Architect

Mr.Duy has a passion for fintech projects that will make an impact in the world. As CryptoPie Labo’s lead software developer, he thrives on confronting and overcoming the challenges that come with the development process.

Today, he leads the CryptoPie Labo teams for advanced computing, product testing, and risk and profit management. Mr.Duy has forged strong client relationships on behalf of CryptoPie Labo, and enjoys working with them to create innovative, user-focused solutions that fulfill their requirements. 

Nguyen Thu Mai
Nguyen Thu Mai
Quality Assurance Manager

The job role of Mrs.Mai in CryptoPie Labo is to assist the organizations to formulate quality standards and regulations for employees and for the product produced as well. Mai plays a significant role in ensuring the products meet certain desired regulations and acceptable standards. She and her team formulate and direct the quality assurance programs and policies, and also strive hard to bring the best in CryptoPie Labo. 

Mrs.Mai is an ideal candidate for this position should be competent to continue business life cycle and to attain long term success in business.