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July 22, 2022

Cryptopie Labo develops according to Hybrid Working

Nowadays, Hybrid Working has become the working trend in the world. Employees can be flexible with their working hours and locations.

Founded in early 2021 when the world was still facing the problems of the Covid-19 epidemic, Cryptopie Labo started working with the Hybrid working model. This is a hybrid model of working remotely and working directly at the office. In the current new normal, Cryptopie Labo continues to use this model because it still brings many benefits to employees as well as businesses.

    Cryptopie Labo’s employee are working together at the office

Specifically, employees, whether full-time employees or in the process of probation, have 5 optional remote days in a month. 

Since the company was newly established and the number of employees is increasing, the process of combining online and offline working methods is also being updated so that the system can operate smoothly. The process must ensure flexibility for employees as well as ensure the progress of the work. Cryptopie Labo also works with 2 sites in Japan and Singapore, so Hybrid working brings more benefits than traditional work.

However, Hybrid working also brings challenges for businesses. Typically, how can new employees quickly integrate into the company or does Hybrid working reduce the interaction and connection between members? At Cryptopie Labo, not only team building activities for the whole company, but each team has its own activities so that team members have the opportunity to understand each other and work more effectively. Thus, whether there is flexibility between working remotely or working at the office, the company culture is always tried by the members to maintain.

We believe In the future, Hybrid working promises to be more widely applied and gradually become a new working style.