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September 8, 2022

What is the real investment in Cryptopie Labo?

Each company has its own development orientation, so they will invest in the right things that they believe in.

In a meeting with Cryptopie Labo’s staff, Mr. Joshua Riordan - CEO of Cryptopie Labo said:” Chasing short-term profits will only result in short-term gains and we will miss out on the true potential of this team. Do not chase short-term pleasure and comfort.” 

Mr. Josua Rioran - CEO of Cryptopie Labo

A business that wants to grow stronger and achieve high revenue not only invests in facilities, marketing,... but also invests in people. Cryptopie Labo went through a lot of difficulties in the beginning and, fortunately, today it has gathered more than 90 extremely talented members. Mr. Joshua Riordan also emphasized that what Cryptopie Labo really wants to invest in and develop is the Cryptopie Labo team, because they are all smart and talented people and they can all develop further, creating many products. quality technology products in the future.

Mr. Joshua said: “The best investment we are making is in Cryptopie Labo's members”. which has really motivated the entire company, so we will try to become an all-star team and we continue learning together.